Lots of people will tell you joining a startup is a risk. An unknown name on your work history. A smaller team with big ambitions. But we believe working for a fast-growth startup is one of the best things you can do for your career.

Here’s why:

1. You’ll have lots of opportunity to grow

There’s never a shortage of work to do at somewhere that’s growing fast. At startups, your role may change and you’re likely to get involved in a wide range of tasks. You’ll have many opportunities to learn, explore different parts of the business and develop your skills. If you join a startup at the right time, 2-3 years of growing with the company could result in you having a lot more responsibility than your peers who work at bigger companies.

2.  You can have a big impact

Fast-growing startups banish red tape, bureaucracy and unnecessary processes. The best companies know that speed of iteration and experimentation is what enables them to win. This means you’ll be in an environment where you can come up with an idea, work hard to bring it to life, and release it out into the world.

3.  It’s exciting working for a mission-driven company!

We believe startups are a great place for working on missions you care about. You’re more likely to find fulfillment when you’re surrounded by like-minded people who all care about changing an industry. Whether you’re there on launch day, or a little further down the line, it’s energising to create special experiences and challenge the status quo.

4.  Fast-paced businesses can build your resilience

Building a business is tough. Often you’ll be starting with a blank canvas and working out something that hasn’t been done before and that can be really hard. Working in this kind of environment requires creativity, problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking. These are all incredible skills which help build resilience—not just in the workplace, but for everything life throws at you.

5.  You might get to own a share of the business you’re building

The earlier you join a startup, the more likely you are to have a worthwhile stake in the business. If the startup does well, you may find yourself with an exciting amount of value. If you’re interested in learning more about equity, and how to evaluate a job offer that includes options, we wrote all about it here.  

The key piece of advice is find somewhere that’s growing—fast. We’re quite sure working for a startup is a risk worth taking.

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