After applying for your dream job, you get a phone call — you’ve reached the interview stage. Ensue dread, sickness, cold sweats — interviews can be stressful. But hopefully, the advice below from Tom Hughes, part of the Talent team at Airwallex, stands you in good stead 👇

Our interview with top interviewer, Tom

So, Tom, the big question — do candidates need fintech experience?

The short answer is no. We always value experience working in disruptive, innovative, regulated industries, but not necessarily fintech. You do, however, need to understand the specific problem that the company is solving and show passion for it - Fintech is a very broad umbrella term.

For example, our mission at Airwallex - in a basic sense - is helping ambitious, entrepreneurial businesses to expand their operations more freely than ever before whilst, at the same time, removing a lot of the friction and costs associated with moving and managing money beyond borders. We're doing this by solving legacy payment and banking problems.

What is your favourite interview question?

Hmm, it’s not a specific question, but I love a case study prompt or problem statement question.

They're really helpful to see how candidates think through the problems we’re tackling everyday - there are so many complexities associated with building a Fintech. In my opinion, this makes for a much more dynamic, competency led interview rather than an old-school CV-based skills review.

When we’re assessing the best answers to case studies, these are the things we look for:

  1. The ability to understand the case study prompt
  2. How you simplify the problem and articulate what needs to be done
  3. Your technical toolkit, strategic thinking and attention to detail

My biggest tip here is not to overthink it. Simple answers are usually the most effective and impactful!

What competencies do you look for in interviews?

As an interviewer, I look for candidates who know their skills but are equally aware of their opportunities to develop further and where they need to collaborate and grow.

There’s no expectation that you need to have all the answers - we get that such a person probably doesn’t exist! Instead, the most important thing you can demonstrate is how eager you are to search for the right solutions.

At Airwallex, we look for people who align to our Operating Principles. Because we’re redefining the way businesses manage and move money, it means we’re asking questions that haven’t been asked before, and need to find the answers as a team. So, the things we look for are whether you're someone:

  • with a genuine passion for technology and products
  • who likes to tackle complex or unique problems
  • who likes to get on and own the answer

How should a candidate prepare for the final interview?

The final interview can be daunting but in reality, the person running this interview is heavily invested in making the right hire, ensuring that we have the right platform from which a new colleague can be successful, make an impact and raise the already high bar we have at Airwallex.

Ahead of the interview:

  1. Look at competencies required for the role and reflect on how you can showcase all the skills you've acquired in your career so far, and where you can grow further
  2. Take stock of everything that’s been discussed in prior interviews and ask yourself where the gaps might be, and what else you might need to demonstrate
  3. If appropriate, seek feedback from your talent acquisition partner to understand why you’ve made it to the final interview – we’re always here to help and provide guidance.

Remember, you’ve got this far for a reason; trust in yourself — you got this! 💪

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Fede, Bennie, Roxanne and Natalie from the Airwallex Team