You might have spotted our latest campaign images on the streets of London or online. We want everybody to know that job is out there – and we’re here to help you find it. A job that makes a difference to more than just shareholders. A job that’s worth getting out of bed for on a Monday. A job that you’re really proud to do.

But what does that job mean to you?

We know there’s no one size fits all when it comes to work. That job really does look different for everyone. But when you find it, you’ll know. And don’t just take our word for it – hear from some of the candidates who recently found that job on Otta about what it means to them. We’re so happy to be a small part of their success, and hopefully they inspire you as we kick off 2023.

Meet Paloma, Customer Success Manager at Klaviyo

Paloma is a Customer Success Manager at Klaviyo

Paloma’s role at Klaviyo, where her manager takes the time to ask, “how can I support you better?”, is that job. And, unlike any workplace she’s experienced before, it's a supportive, collaborative environment where she can really thrive.

After moving to London from Spain nine years ago, Paloma had to overcome new working challenges and grow her confidence. She told us that finding her role at Klaviyo on Otta has made her the happiest she’s been. We love to hear it!

Meet Suraj, Product Manager at Humanising Autonomy

Suraj is a Product Manager at Humanising Autonomy

To Suraj, that job means strong alignment between the company’s mission and his values, so he can be focussed, happy and driven to succeed at work.

When he found his role as Product Manager at Humanising Autonomy on Otta, the detailed context about the company and the role helped him understand if it was the right fit for him (spoiler, it was!). Knowing exactly what the company’s mission was gave him the confidence to move forward.

Meet Mandip, Full Stack Engineer at Juno

Mandip is a Full Stack Engineer at Juno

Mandip appreciates working somewhere where beyond collecting a paycheque, you’re able to learn professionally and personally from others. That job is really about great team culture.

Despite having to take some leaps of faith along the way, Mandip has successfully turned his coding hobby into a career. When he was searching for jobs on Otta, he found himself impressed by Juno’s profile – particularly the company’s values – and that’s how he knew he’d found the right role.

Meet Deepti, Senior Data Engineer at Funding Circle

Deepti is a Senior Data Engineer at Funding Circle

Deepti is a self-taught engineer who now works at Funding Circle — a fintech company that's powering small businesses with funding. She found her role through Otta, and couldn't be happier with where she is in her career.

To Deepti, that job means flexible work and great benefits, but above all else a workplace where diversity of thought, from people of all backgrounds, is truly valued.

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Meet Lee, Revenue & Product Marketing Manager at Multiply

Lee is a Revenue and Product Marketing Manager at Multiply

To Lee, that job means a company mission that fits with her own career goals. She wanted to find a role where she can use her marketing skills to help others.

She's now a Revenue & Product Marketing Manager at Multiply, where she feels she is making a difference by helping people reach their financial goals. Honing in on jobs matched specifically to her skills and salary expectations on Otta sped up the process of finding the job she really wanted.

We hope hearing from other candidates inspires you to think about what you really want out of work. On Otta, when you tell us what you’re looking for, we’ll match you with only the most relevant roles. So when you know what that job means to you, you’ll actually be able to find it.

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