It’s all well and good learning about the interview process, but what about actually working at Airwallex? Here, we speak to EMEA Marketing Director Natalie, Roxanne from Revenue Operations, Fede in People Strategy and Bennie, a Senior Visual Designer.

Did you have prior experience in fintech?

Natalie: I’ve worked with several different startups and scale-ups previously, most recently in the revenue-based funding space, but Airwallex is my first true fintech experience!

Roxanne: Yes, I have worked in fintech before, but in the accounting space.

Fede: Yes, I worked at Stripe! (For those who don’t know, they’re a business payment services provider and payment processing platform).

Bennie: No, I’ve mostly worked in agency roles or freelance.

What was your interview experience like with Airwallex?

Natalie: The process with Airwallex was smooth, thanks to the talent and hiring team. From my first conversation through to my first day with Airwallex, the talent team was in regular contact and on hand to help with any questions. The mixture of 1:1 calls, a case study with a larger interview panel and in-person interviews meant I could get a feel for the team and organisation and made me confident I was making the right decision in joining a great company.

Roxanne: The interview process was smooth and extremely clear and was in four stages:

  1. My first interview was with Tom, where I spoke about my career up until now and my career ambitions.
  2. The second interview was with my hiring manager, who asked me many competency-based interview questions.
  3. For the third interview, I met two cross-functional sales leaders whom I would interact with as part of the role.
  4. My fourth interview was a case study in the form of a take-home assignment where I was given a small sample of data and a question to answer, which I had about a week to complete. I then presented my case study to the cross-regional Revenue Operations stakeholders based in Australia.
  5. Finally, I had a final chat with Pranav, the Executive GM of Airwallex in EMEA, where he asked me about my career ambitions and reasons for wanting to join Airwallex.

Fede: I had four interviews with the recruiter, hiring manager, Executive GM and divisional lead. It was super quick and insightful as I learnt so much about the company and the projects I would be working on. I loved speaking to my future team members and Pranav, the Executive GM; my call with Pranav made me so excited about the level of impact I could make here.

Bennie: For me, it was a long process, but the people involved, from my initial contact through to the end, were really great. How the role was pitched to me made me want to join the team, and the communication and feedback I received were good. Overall, I had a good experience.

Any tips to tackle the interview?

Roxanne: Do lots of research about Airwallex and the industry.

Fede: Conduct research about the company and practice talking out loud about the projects and examples of your experience that you will share during the interview.

Bennie: Just be yourself, research Airwallex, find areas of the business you can add value in, and try to be clear and direct when communicating.

What were your first few weeks like?

Natalie: In the first few weeks, it was so important for me to meet as many relevant people across functions and regions as possible and understand the business priorities. There is a large team around the globe, so building relationships early on has helped me further down the line.

Roxanne: Warm and welcoming!

Fede: Everyone was super welcoming and friendly. I had the opportunity to spend time with the business, ask questions, and understand their priorities before diving into my role, which gave me the necessary context to understand how to kick off projects and my priority areas.

Bennie: The best onboarding I have ever done

What advice would you give someone who just started at Airwallex?

Natalie: Jump right in. Don't expect a traditional 30, 60, or 90-day plan. You'll have lots of support and people to lean on and get the onboarding and training you need, but the opportunity is there to make an impact immediately.

Roxanne: Ask lots of questions.

Fede: I echo that — take the time to ask the questions!

Bennie: Allow yourself to absorb everything — you have time to settle in.

What's your favourite thing about Airwallex?

Natalie: My favourite thing about Airwallex is working with some of the most talented and intelligent people I have ever worked with. The bar at Airwallex is high, but it helps us to achieve great things and encourages true collaboration.

Roxanne: The people and to see how quickly the company is growing.

Fede: We’re working at a growing unicorn, and you can feel that environment daily in the office.

Bennie: The opportunity for upward momentum and the ability to have greater impact and feel like you can add value.

The fun one: How would you describe Airwallex to a 10-year-old child?

Natalie: Airwallex helps a business (like the people who make your lego, your favourite restaurant, the plane that takes you on holiday or where your Mum and Dad work) to work with other businesses in different countries!

Roxanne: Imagine a business where you can accept, manage and pay out your business needs with any type of money in the world.

Fede: We help the economy grow! How? We empower businesses of any size to grow anywhere.

Bennie: Airwallex has smart ways to help businesses become super successful using very clever tools to move and manage money

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